Mono-channel video, 24:03, 2023

A company sets up management sessions using virtual reality. Employees talk Bio their dreams, aspirations and difficulties in a fictitious world. Slowly, the real space merges with the digital environment.

As a fictional work using excerpts from management and personal development books as material, « For all the magic hidden in this world » questions the place of speech and play in the company environment. Here, the digital world where employees evolve and produce has the same vaporous texture as the real world, placing the viewer in a meditative and reflective state. By re-enacting the new rituals associated with the ideology of cognitive capitalism, this video seeks to reveal its profoundly fantastic dimension – both in its work spaces and in the nature of its language and production.

With Sandrine Boisard, Laure-Lucile Simon, Nicolas Duterte, Eva Courtès, Hadrien Bouvier, Giuseppe Molino, Kenza Belghiti Alaoui, Lucie Detrain, Faustino Fanget, Savinien Malpelet de Blic

Director – Elouan Le Bars
DOP – Elouan Boulestreau
Gaffer – Anton Belyakov
Girst AC – Victor Cazal
Sound engineer, mixer – Ryo Baldet
Film editors – Gaspard Le Nouys Van Dyck, Elouan Le Bars
Production assistant – Camille Martin Donati
Script – Lucie Bonnet
Art directors – Laura Ferrini, Marie Michels
Assistants art director – Nelle Fuseau, Rosalyn Jones
Costume designer, make-up – Inès Nedjar
Location manager – Faustino Fanget
Composer – Bastien Destephen
Assistant location manager – Théo Jaffry


Athens Digital Art Festival (May 12 - 14, 2023), Greece
Asolo Art Film Festival (June 14 - 18, 2023), Italy
FILE Festival - Video Art (July 2023), São Paulo, Brasil